The Halo machinima phenomenon that launched Edgeworks Entertainment, The Codex garnered over 90 million hits and was featured on MTV, NPR, the Dallas Observer, the Houston Press, XBOX World 360 Magazine in Britain, and the professional blog of the Editor-in-Chief of WIRED Magazine, Chris Anderson. The Codex won numerous awards, was featured in innumerable online features and interviews, appeared at several conventions nationwide, and is still cited as one of the best Halo machinima series ever made.

The Codex follows a dual narrative: as the Covenant lands in force on the planet Ariaos II, we track the guerrilla campaign of the Spartans fighting to survive and defeat the alien invaders, as well as the political and military intrigue among the Covenant leadership. What results is an epic story of ambitious personalities, powerful forces, and unstoppable armies, told against a backdrop of apocalyptic potential.


Posted on Jan 20, 2005
Views: 213,787

Trailer: The Announcement Trailer
Released only a few days before Episode 1, the Announcement Trailer gave people an idea of what to expect from the new series...

Posted on Feb 9, 2005
Views: 221,669

Episode 1: The Gathering Storm
Although they do not fully trust him, the Council places the Praetor in charge of an invasion fleet bound for Ariaos II with orders to capture the Holy Codex...

Posted on Feb 16, 2005
Views: 225,399

Episode 2: First Strike
The Covenant invasion begins as Green Team is caught off-guard and the rest of the Human forces on the planet scramble to meet the new threat...

Posted on Feb 17, 2005
Views: 110

Bonus Video
: Episode 2 (Original Version)
The original cut of Episode 2 was very different from the final one. Check out the episode that could have been!

Posted on Feb 23, 2005
Views: 234,388

Episode 3: Aftermath
The arrival of an ambitious and ruthless Cleric adds a new complication to the Praetor's plans, and threatens to do more than that...

Posted on Mar 2, 2005
Views: 242,824

Episode 4: Regrouping
As the remaining Human forces assemble at Delta Base, military planning and uneasy relationships collide...

Posted on Mar 9, 2005
Views: 243,438

Episode 5: Shadows in the Dark
Blue Team sneaks up to the communication dish of the Codex in order to send a message home, but on a night as dark as this, can they be sure that they are alone?

Posted on Mar 16, 2005
Views: 250,493

Episode 6: Ambush
As Blue Team continues to work on uploading the message, the Covenant forces spring their trap in a bid to destroy both groups of Humans in one simultaneous strike...

Posted on Mar 30, 2005
Views: 564,927

Episode 7: The Siege of Delta Base
While the Covenant forces are trying to make Red Team keep their heads down, one soldier decides to take matters into his own hands...

Posted on Apr 7, 2005
Views: 276,770

Episode 8: Opening Moves
Tensions rise as the Praetor begins to suspect that the Cleric is hiding something from him, and the Seraphim flex their muscle for the first time...

Posted on Apr 14, 2005
Views: 255,703

Episode 9: Remembrance
Green 2's depression about leaving his team is eased when news arrives of a surviving member of Green Team being held prisoner in the Olympia Caves...

Posted on May 4, 2005
Views: 306,607

Episode 10: Rescue
Working together for the first time since the invasion, Red and Blue Teams sneak into the caves to rescue Green 4, but the cost of angering the Covenant proves to be great...

Posted on May 12, 2005
Views: 206,154

Episode 11: Balance of Power
Tempers flare as the Praetor and the Cleric try to assert their command over each other, and the Foreman begins to find himself in the middle of a power struggle...

Posted on Jun 3, 2005
Views: 483,592

Episode 12: Emergency Response
The Spartans return from their raid to find Delta Base is occupied, but the arrival of reinforcements give them a fighting chance to stop the Covenant...

Posted on Jun 10, 2005
Views: 275,072

Episode 13: Cornered
As the Human forces fall back to the bunker at Mt. Jefferson to regroup, Erda Renadee's army follows them and soon the stage is set for a bloody battle...

Posted on Jun 17, 2005
Views: 299,619

Episode 14: The Calm Before the Storm
Despite their advantage of numbers, the Covenant cannot hope to breach the defenses of the humans' dug-in position. If force will not work, perhaps something a bit more subtle...

Posted on Jul 2, 2005
Views: 604,044

Episode 15: Cry "Havoc!"
As the Covenant forces assault the wall at Mt. Jefferson, it will take all the of the courage and ingenuity the Humans have to defeat them...

Posted on Jul 2, 2005
Views: 91

Bonus Video
: The Making of Episode 15
Part blooper reel, part behind-the-scenes video, this short was released to Sponsors during the production of Episode 15.

Posted on Jul 15, 2005
Views: 329,910

Episode 16: Betrayal
When the Cleric begins to perceive that the Foreman's allegiance lies with the Praetor, he decides that the time has come to dispose of the innocent worker...

Posted on Jul 22, 2005
Views: 453,810

Episode 17: The Praeceptor
Several ODSTs follow the Seraphim to a Forerunner temple where a bizarre ritual gives the Seraph Captain incredible powers...

Posted on Aug 2, 2005
Views: 867,119

Episode 18: Rallying the Troops
When Lykurgus tells the Chief about the nature of the Codex, the two armies begin to prepare for the final battle that will decide the fate of the the galaxy...

Posted on Aug 6, 2005
Views: 557,915

Episode 19: Power Plays
The Humans begin their attack on the Codex as the Cleric finally enters the Codex, taking the Praetor as his hostage...

Posted on Aug 13, 2005
Views: 716,768

Episode 20: The End of All Things
The Humans make their final push, the Covenant splits into civil war and three sides of a battle hurdle toward each other as The Codex reaches its stunning finale!

Posted on Aug 14, 2005
Views: 99

Bonus Video
: Blooper Reel
Chock full of hilarious lines and scenes from The Codex, this blooper reel is finally available for your viewing pleasure.

Posted on Feb 9, 2014
Views: 12,051

Bonus Video: The Codex Feature Film
The entire first season of The Codex, cut together into a single feature-length film.

Posted on Feb 9, 2014
Views: 27

Bonus Video
: The Codex Director's Commentary
The Director's Commentary for the feature-length edit of The Codex.


The Codex Desktop

Crew List

Alexander Winn
Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Composer

Ryan Luther
Producer, Animator

Meghan Foster

Patrick Malone

Lauren Jenks

Cast List

Patrick Malone
Praetor, Chief, Guardian, Various Voices

Alexander Winn
The Cleric, Lykurgus, Various Voices

Ryan Luther
Erda Renadee, Sergeant Henderson, Various Voices

John Gilchrist
Jack Foster

Lauren Davis
Candice McKenzie

Meghan Foster
Anda Sofadee

Will Robinson
Green 2

Lauren Jenks
Guardian Whispers

Art Levy
Red 5

Cal Smellage
Blue 5

Margaret Thompson
Ensign 1

Ross Vick
Red 3

Ryan Terry

Latest News

Jul 27th 2008 at 5:56pm
De Reeks van de Codex

by Nerrolken

Over the past few months, a very dedicated fan has taken it upon himself to translate The Codex into Dutch, and he has just released the first batch of episodes. Our stats have always shown an unusually high level of activity coming out of the Netherlands, so this should benefit quite a few fans. We have added this to the sidebox rotation, as well as the Links page. Check it out!

I tell you, the things that the Edgeworks community can produce never ceases to amaze me!

Sep 13th 2006 at 9:57pm
The Codex on Podtacular

by Nerrolken

Just a quick update today: Ryan and I were recently featured on Episode 80 of Podtacular, one of the most popular Halo 2 podcasts. There's a pretty in-depth interview, including questions emailed in from fans, and even a few hints about The Heretic. It's definitely worth a listen, so go check it out! You can download the episode here, or click here to go to their page in the iTunes Podcast Library.

Aug 13th 2005 at 3:05am
Episode 20 - The End of All Things

by Nerrolken

The wait is finally over! After a fittingly climactic 17 hour marathon to finish the episode, Episode 20 is now available for download! Due to encoding troubles, only the 2 Quicktime versions are up right now, but the WMV version will be up tomorrow. There is a graphical glitch toward the end of the episode which may be related to the encoding problem which we are aware of and are working to fix, but we thought we should release the episode now rather than make you wait any longer.

You may also note some changes in the website. The Nav Bar has been organized, and the Story and Characters pages have been taken away. The Characters page will be incorporated into the Bios page soon, and the Story page has been incorporated into our new and improved Videos page. Now, each video released by the Codex crew has its own page, complete with a description and five screenshots. Just move your mouse over the thumbnails and the screenshot will change.

Another update on the site concerns the Codex Online Store. It has been updated to be able to handle international orders, and the Codex Soundtrack is now available for pre-order. We are still waiting to hear from Microsoft as to whether we will be able to sell DVDs, but for now go grab a shirt and a soundtrack!

But, all of this website stuff isn't what you were waiting for, was it? No, you've been waiting for Episode 20! And so, without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, you can download Episode 20, The End of All Things, the final episode of The Codex and the climax of a six month long journey, right here.

Update: The WMV version of episode 20 is up on the Episode 20 page.

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