Posted on Mar 9th, 2005
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The Codex
Episode 5: Shadows in the Dark
Running Time: 5m 23s |
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The Praetor learns of Green 2's position, and thus the location of Delta Base, by tracking the captured Banshee. He orders an expedition be sent under Erda Renadee, the Battlefield Commander, to destroy the Spartan base. Meanwhile, Blue Team arrives at the dish at the top of the Codex, with a mission to encode a signal into the bursts sent out by the structure. Although they sense that something is wrong, they cannot find any Elites in the entire complex. The Elites are cloaked, setting up a checkmate move with which they can eliminate all of the Spartans at once, and thus minimize the casualties. Finally, though, Blues 1 and 2 manage to find two uncloaked Elites and reveal the potential ambush. An alarm is raised, and the Spartans prepare for battle.

Episode 6



Episode 4

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FTC Digipad
Mar 9 2005, 7:47 PM
Ok, I figured out how you made the Elites talk(record your voices, play backwards), but what were they saying? I played it backwards, but I only have fast rewind, and couldn't make out what they said. The only thing I got was "So he said" then something about a Jackal, and a boot.
Mar 9 2005, 7:53 PM
DUDE awesome job with the camo elites. You might want to make the elite's voices pitched lower, though. I love it, man. That was great suspense.
Mar 9 2005, 7:56 PM
I thought it was great, but I was a little disappointed with how short it was. I was hoping to see the attack on the "Dry Riverbed"

However, it is always great to see Machinima where the entertainment hinges on more then just action. The cliffhanger at the end was also good.

I am very curious to know how you got it to look dark, and how you made the control panel fade in.

Excellent voice acting continued to be part of the project that makes it great.

Keep up the good work!
Mar 9 2005, 7:59 PM
Yah, i loved the suspense of it all. Is anyone else having video problems though? On the .wmv videos theres this wierd ripplie effect whenever the camera moves, and in the divx videos there are some wierd green things (i believe the AV term is "artifacts" that periodically flash across the screen.

Anyways, cant wait till next week.
Mar 9 2005, 8:50 PM
Ah, another suspenseful episode. I thought it was amazing. The set up for the ambush was just perfect. I know this is a drama, but I really am hoping for some blazing action in Ep 6. You can keep the amazing plot, acting, and visuals, but action will be the icing on the cake.

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* This video uses assets from Halo 2, © Microsoft Corporation,
although it was produced before the release of the Game Content Usage Rules.


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